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Adoption application

We’re excited you’ve decided to adopt! Adding a new cat to your home is a commitment for the life of the cat. We want you to have a wonderful adoption experience, so we’ve created this application to expedite our adoption process.

We ask a lot of questions, so take your time and answer them thoroughly. If you’re unsure about something, there’s a place for comments and questions at the bottom of this application. But go ahead and try to finish your application as best you can.

We want to get your new family member into your loving arms as soon as possible. We’re all volunteers, so allow us up to three days to review your application and get in touch with you. Should you not hear from us in 72 hours, please drop us an email and be sure to include your name and the cat you’d like to adopt.

Adoption requirements

To be considered for adoption:

  • Be at least 21 years old (or have someone you live with who is at least 21 do the adoption).
  • Be able to provide for your cat. Plan on spending at least $35 per month on food, litter, and pet insurance.
  • Be able to physically care for your cat. Daily feeding, watering, scooping the litter box, and brushing just can’t wait.
  • If you rent, get your landlord’s consent or review your lease to make sure you can have a cat. Pet deposits are expensive, so pay them before you adopt. We’ll verify, so you don’t get fined or evicted.
  • Consider purchasing pet insurance. If your cat is sick or hurt, veterinary bills can wipe you out. We want you to be protected because we care about our adoptive families.
  • We’ll need to see two forms of ID showing your current home address, such as a driver’s license and utility bill. So have both with you when we meet.
  • Have the adoption fee ready. If the cost of adopting is a hardship, consider fostering for us until you can afford to adopt.

We promise the information you provide is kept confidential, encrypted, and won’t be shared or sold to anyone.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk *

About you
About your home
Verification consent

We always check with landlords and leasing companies for our adopters that it’s okay for them to adopt, and they’ve paid any pet deposit or fees.

By completing the following information, you authorize DFW Purebred & Domestic Cat Rescue, Inc. to verify you have permission to adopt a cat (or cats), and all deposits and fees are paid.

About your family
Who do you want to adopt?

To adopt a cat(s) you’ve seen you’ll need to submit a completed application. If you have any problems getting the application to work, send us an email and please tell us what issue you’re having.

Your past pets
About your pets

Tell us about each pet in your home, even those belonging to others. If you have more than seven, please add the additional pets into the Comments or questions area at end of this form.

Your veterinarian

We verify with veterinary practices before an adoption to ask about an adopter’s pet ownership history. This includes, but is not limited to: vaccinations, declawing, how catastrophic illnesses or injuries were treated, and any euthanizations.

If you don’t have a veterinarian, please select one now so we may transfer the cat’s records. Here’s a few suggestions or contact one in your area. Tell them you are adopting a cat and want to join their practice. Then complete the information below and indicate you have a new veterinarian.

By completing the following information, you authorize DFW Purebred & Domestic Cat Rescue, Inc. to speak with your veterinarian regarding your past pet history for the purpose of adopting a cat (or cats).

About declawing

Numerous cats are surrendered to us that are already declawed. If you want to adopt a declawed cat, tell us before declawing another. There are risks to declawing, which leads some owners to give their cat away or put them to sleep. DFW Purebred & Domestic Cat Rescue, Inc. supports The Paw Project in using humane alternatives to declawing.

Home visit

A DFW Purebred & Domestic Cat Rescue, Inc. representative may visit your home to see how the cat is adjusting. We will comply with all CDC-recommended Covid precautions during our visit.